November '07, Stadthalle Vienna at a Manu Chao and Radio Bemba Sound System live concert a question pop up in my head “why Romania don't have great events like this?” and right away the answer came “why don't you do it?!” and this is how an idea was born and High Sounds adventure was began. Thou' September 2017 was the fist step of a dream come true, the Booking Agency and ART Management has become a reality. … it's such an amazing and full of events story, but we've just realize that life is to short for long stories and time is very precious, so let's have a drink and dance a bit, as long as we are here.

Maybe you wonder what we have to brag about, well we don't. We get together once in a while and we bring with us our talents, passion for music, great performances and uplifting vibes to create a space which is elevating one's state of mind, and that's all we do.

High Sounds stands for encouraging free expression of artists, and aims to help as many young people as possible take the step towards the much-desired career. High Sounds is the music with heartbeats. See you on the dance floors around the world!

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