Oct 2017

High Sounds NEW ENTRY award 1st edition [2017]

High Sounds stands for encouraging free expression of artists, and aims to help as many young people as possible take the step towards the much-desired career.

In October and November 2017 we've organize our 1st edition for New Entry Award at Bunker 91 in Bucharest and this action and the fact we've worked with this club for several months after the contest, made the venue very popular among ravers and artists around Europe!

Even thou was just the 1st time and High Sounds had no history, 18th young and very talented artists join in to use their skills and abilities to won one of the 6th positions!

The open slots where for THECHO and TECH-HOUSE, but the numbers of registered artists from each musical class were unbalanced so the teams was mixed and split in 2 groups: ALPHA and OMEGA!

The story short many of them are still with the agency and having breakthroughs one after another, the heroes that wear no capes are:


Winning Artists