“Playing and listening to music – A lifestyle without realizing!”
This is the description of Horia’s last 15 years of life. Starting as just a simple lover of underground music, Horia initiated and participated at many parties with him in the DJ booth, playing and showing his passion for music for hours without realizing it. His first thought, which started in 2007, was to give himself a try and begin to learn the art of djing. That attempt turned into a day & night dream, working on what he believed to be a little piece of heaven into everyone’s life – music!

Switching between his main activities like going to school, playing music in night clubs and spending his free time listening or selecting music he succeeds to mix business with pleasure.
Over the years, he gained the ability to play music at any underground event, lots of friends and wonderful experiences.

Without further ado, give yourself a break and come to meet Horia!

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