Drum&Bass was my first connection with electronic music. In 2014 i started to play Drum&Bass with local artists at different venues. In 2016 i’ve started to be a resident of Apple Room Records which belongs to the independent multicultural center - Moskzva Kavezo/ Oradea. In the summer of 2016 i’ve played on my first festival ever sharing the stage with artists like: Dub FX, Deekline, Ragga Twins, Serial Killaz, Counterstrike, Rido, Leeroy Thornhill. In 2017 i had the occasion to play among a friend from Czech Republic - MEMBRAIN, who created the Drum Session Events. In March 2018, i was warming up the homies for Pola&Bryson [Shogun Audio/UK]. Also not so far away, i had the occasion to play an opening act for Technimatic and Spectrasoul for the very first time at Electric Castle Festival. 2018 it’s also the year when i started to produce music and until the end of the year i hope to finish my first EP.

Kashlinski aka Alex Cobe started to play on different parties in Oradea in 2014. The summer of 2016 was bringing the first festival where he ever had the occasion to interract with a larger crowd. At the end of 2015, Techno was his second learning as a DJ, combining a various Melodic Techno with deeper Techno sounds. A big inspiration and also a huge influence with a similar history, having the same duo-genre in mixing and producing music, is Sebastian Ahrenberg, better known as Seba, the owner of Secret Operations record label. Moszkva Kavezo is the venue where he started to be a resident in the winter of 2016, also the year when the Tech Odyssey project started to be more then just a party, right now they are a crew. The first festival where he ever played in the Techno scene was Sons of Gaia from Poiana Brasov, bringing the whole crew to play together, maining the first night of the festival. In 2018, he have also played on Transylvaliens Festival and Woodtech Festival. He shared the same stage with artists like : Alex Mine, Danaga, Mircea Ivan, Les Psss, Centrifug, Kvark, Mistor, and the list goes on. 


Best acts

✔ Oradea [RO] - Tech Odyssey 2 years anniversary w/ Alex Mine [‘18]

✔ Sibiu [RO] - Transylvaliens Festival [‘18]

✔ Oradea [RO] Apple Room: Tech Odyssey Session [‘17]

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