Petyt Raul is an artist who loves electronic music. His passion for music appeared at the early age and by the age of 24 already having 10 years of experience and spiritual fulfillment.

He had the opportunity and honor to play along with artists as Lizz, Cosmjn, Nu Zau, Sleep, Costin Rp, Nima Gorji, Herodot, Raoul Russu to name a few. We can say, as well, that Petyt is a good party organizer. He gets involved personally and with great dedication in his projects, assuring always that all his listeners, collaborators and supporters get the well-deserved vibe.



✔ Busteni [BV] – RO, Mountain Grooves 0.4 w/ Herodot, Felics, Horia, Ktza, Drianu / 2017

✔ Mogosoaia – Techno Party Mogosoaia w/ Mason Maynard, Wehbba, Boxia, Alex Mine. | 2018

✔ Brasov – RO, Social Grooves 010 w/ Sepp, Zookey/ 2018


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