Hi, I’m Tavii from Bucharest, Romania. I am 21 years old and my strongest and deep connection with music started around 6-7 years old. In all of these years I’ve been through all styles that define music from Rap, Hip Hop to Dubstep, Drum N Bass and even mainstream. All of this, until like 3 years ago when I went to my first techno party. Since I discovered what all this is about, I’ve immediately made a connection between it and my passion for music. I’m mixing since September 2016, and Playing on a Pioneer DDJ-RB since July 2017.

In July 2018 I went to Luxembourg and did a short 4 days summer DJ-school @ Skilz Dj Academy where I’ve learnt more about the basics of DJ-ing and what was the most important thing, I learnt to play on a decent set-up, player-mixer-player, without any software. My biggest achievement so far is that I’ve managed to win the 2018 High Sounds New Entry Awards, BOOKING and Art Management agency from Bucharest which got me a contract with them for 2019.


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