HSpodcast 004 with VLAD TEODOR

HSpodcast 004 with VLAD TEODOR

"My name is Vlad Teodor, I am 20 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania. My passion for electronic music began as early as 2015 when I was at a festival where I had the opportunity to listen to a live set by Adam Beyer. That's how I found out about Drumcode Records, an international techno label that made me love this music and that showed me the complexity and diversity that techno can offer.

In 2016 I started producing the first techno beats and for 2 years I experienced different styles in international artists' pieces, and at the same time I wanted to create my own "signature". This year, I decided to publish my first track called "Industrial Echoes", a concept by which I tried to create an industrial atmosphere expressed through techno music. As a DJ, I want to promote techno music in Romania as much as possible, and in my own style I can communicate through music different states and feelings. "The world's most famous and popular language is music""

You can follow and support him also:
Soundcloud : @user-193137628
Instagram : www.instagram.com/vlad_tteodor/

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