CR15TINA was born near the Black Sea shore in the holiday spot 2Mai. Cristina made her first contact with the players at the age of 14 and shortly after she starts playing at a local summer club. During that time she also finished a singing school.

In 2006 she moves to Bucharest, also the capital of Romania when it comes to clubbing, and starts her DJ activity here.  Her first gig was at the Zebra club in Bacau, where many artists who left their mark in the Romanian underground scene have started. She acquires 9 year's experience, playing in most of the clubs and being rezident at Silver after-hours club, with the first 3 years being the most active.

After staying in the shadows for a while Cristina returns by flirting with music production, coming with her own sound, full of emotion and happiness. In December 2016 she collaborates with the label Arms Limited for the release of her first Ep, Zbor Maiastru, promoted on Beatport. September 2017,  brings it to her, a new colaboration, with Cisne Negro Records from Chile, her new Release Love Dimension.

Having recently joined High Sounds [booking and art management agency] to elevate her potential by joining a global collective of talent and industry insiders she is a welcome addition to their roster, providing new opportunities on a more international level.

Cristina says that music means Evolution, Knowledge and Love.



♪ Arms Limited Records [ Cer Senin, Usa Abstracta ]

♪  Cisne Negro Records [ Love Dimension, Judita, Dansul Braului ]

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